Milen Kovachev

Nop-Templates, Co-Founder

Country: Bulgaria

As one of the founders of, Milen's main role has been to establish as the leading vendor of nopCommerce themes and plugins. The company has been working with nopCommerce since version 1.65 and has seen through the release of more than 25 nopCommerce themes and an equal number of plugins, bundled in complete e-commerce solutions. Through their products has made nopCommerce a valuable tool for more than 12 000 store owners and web agencies. Among the most renowned customers of the company are The North Face, Volvo, The University of California.

Milen applies his extensive technical expertise and experience to the management of the company as well as orchestrating the research and development of new products and services. Having previously held several roles as technical lead, one of which for a team working on Visual Studio for Cobol, Milen retains a hands-on role in the development of all products and often works closely with the developers and the customers.

Milen balances his time with technology with mountain biking and snowboarding. When not on the move he loves playing the guitar, especially acoustic covers of his favorite old-time punk and ska bands, tunes as archaic the COBOL programming language he once worked with.