Grzegorz Onyszkiewicz

nop4you, Project Manager

Country: Poland

Grzegorz is a shareholder of Unit-Soft sp. z o.o.. He is responsible for carrying out all kind of analysis, implementation of ERP systems in our customers companies, and truly, he is a master in it. For our customers he is an invaluable source of support, what can be proved by endless reviews about Grzegorz knowledge and help.

Grzegorz is fascinated by topics related to broadly understood analytics and business intelligence. He has extensive experience as a project manager, what allows to successfully use it in developing nop4you as a nopCommerce key partner. Grzegorz is very patient. In the relations with customers, he is a haven of peace, so that even in the case of very difficult negotiations he is able to make the deal with the mutual benefits. Grzegorz has strong analytical and coding skills, which combined with deep understanding of business needs, give him perfect background to successful development of Unit-Soft sp. z o.o. He participated in the design process most of nop4you plugins. In free time Grzegorz enjoys travelling and wideining his horizons.