We are offering options for experts who are interested in delivering a speech on nopCommerce Days 2017. nopCommerce Days is a great opportunity to deliver your message and influence the worldwide nopCommerce community. We highly value personal experience, case examples, data-backed stories, and exclusive content.
We also accept both direct approaches and recommendations for speakers.

Please find a list of all suggested topics to be covered below. But we won’t enforce them on the speakers. We'll consider them as suggestion for speakers. Speakers can suggest their own subjects they would like to share with our community.

  • Present and future actions for nopCommerce
  • Some success story or case study
  • ASP.NET Core and nopCommerce plans for V4.00
  • Future trends in e‐commerce: evolution of markets and technologies
  • nopCommerce performance optimization and profiling
  • nopCommerce in Windows Azure
  • Front-end development in nopCommerce
  • Connecting nopCommerce with an ERP System
  • Plugin development (payment, shipping, etc.)
  • Integration with third‐party CMS (Umbraco, Orchard, etc)
  • Selling plugins and extensions
  • Comparison of nopCommerce with its competitors
  • Selling and providing e‐commerce development services
  • Pros and cons of ready to use templates
  • Best practices for developing a plugin
  • How to succeed selling online
  • Best practices for SEO
  • Attracting visitors to your store
  • How to plan an effective mail campaign
  • Customer Service: the key to success in e‐commerce
  • How to get the most from your Google ads campaign
  • The importance of keeping your store design permanently updated
  • The value of promotions, discounts and reward points
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Gaining most benefits from social networks
  • Improving performance and security in the store
  • Selection and configuration of the hosting infrastructure
  • Recommendations for an effective upgrading
  • Performance optimization and highly loaded sites


Speakers can suggest their own subjects they would like to share with our community.