nopCommerce Awards 2017

MVP awards

Community means a lot, all these 9 years nopCommerce users from all over the world contribute to the platform different ways: answering forum questions, translating documentation, contributing the source code etc. The most active nopCommerce users - MVPs will be awarded at nopCommerce Days. We appreciate your efforts and want to say thank you in front of all the conference attendees.

Business awards

Every day we review well designed and highly customized sites based on nopCommerce, new plugins, integrations and themes submitted on our marketplace, detailed case studies you send to us. It’s thrilling to see the wide range of projects built on our platform.

And we are certain that it’s crucial to encourage your efforts. This year on our annual conference, nopCommerce Days 2017, we will finally do it. We are going to award our users, partners and developers made the most complicated and powerful projects on nopCommerce in several categories:

  • The best B2C site
  • The best B2B site
  • The most valuable plugin/integration

To make the awards more exciting and more competitive firstly we want you to nominate your projects here, submitting them using the form below, and the best of the best will be chosen.

How will the winners be chosen?

We want the process of choosing the winners to be fair and clear. When it comes to The best B2C/B2B sites nomination, a jury from the nopcommerce team will review all the projects submitted and vote. We will look for the most challenging, customized and large-scale projects, considering the Alexa rating as well. The winners will be announced and awarded at nopCommerce Days 2017.

The most valuable plugin/integration will be chosen by our community. The same way our team will review all the plugins/integrations submitted here and choose 5-6. After that, there is going to be an open voting, every nopCommerce user can participate. It will be announced via social media, forums, and newsletters. After the voting is over, we will count up all the votes and award our winner at the conference.

In order to make the right choice, we require a detailed information about submitted projects because it’s very important to see all the efforts you’ve done. Please be accurate when filling the submission form fields, add full descriptions and write about all the customizations you’ve made.

Any limits?

There are just a few rules you should consider when submitting your sites or plugins/integrations:

  • Projects can be nominated only by plugins/themes vendors, software/development agencies, individual developers. For instance, if you are a manager at nopCommerce based online store, and you’re certain this store is powerful and highly featured, you should ask the company built this site to submit it.
  • It’s only allowed to nominate your own projects, not third-party. You can’t nominate the site made by another development agency.
  • Nominated projects must be launched no earlier than 2016 year.
  • Plugins you nominate should be compatible with the latest nopCommerce version (3.90).
  • We will accept submitted projects before the 10th of October.